Transkei and Wild Coast Helicopter Tour

Explore the Transkei by helicopter. It is a 250 km stretch of a rugged untamed coastline which is also known as the “Wild Coast” Made up of unspoiled rural beaches where often cows will take a dip we fly to Hole in the Wall and visit majestic waterfalls on the way back to Durban.

Explore the rawness of Rural Transkei. With Majestic cliffs and thundering waves. You will see a rare beauty from the air. Whales, dolphins and marine activity combined with wild coastlines waterfalls and valleys, this is the most unique place to explore by helicopter. 🚁🇿🇦

ROUTE: Virginia Airport (DUR) - Margate - Hole in The Wall - Virginia Airport (DUR)
FLIGHT TIME: 2:00 there 2:00 back (1hr hike 45 minute waterfall picnic)
PASSENGERS: 2 - 6 (Helicopter used R44, R66, B407)
ACTIVITIES: Waterfall Picnic, Hole In the Wall Hike, Drinks and Snacks.
PRICE: From R49 850

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