Experience Freedom with a Helicopter
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Experience Freedom with a Helicopter

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Experience Freedom with a Helicopter

Experience Freedom with a Helicopter

Everyone wants to be free at some stage

When people think about freedom, they think about escaping the mundane day to day rat race. There are often times in life where you just want to do something different, something adventurous, and extraordinary. Something that will change your perception of the world. Something that is actually so unique and beautiful that you will remember it for the rest of your life.

This is what helicopter flying is for us and we want to share it with the rest of the world. Durban is teh happiest and healthiest city in the world. Locals often take it for granted, but in the times we have shared a helicopter flight with a local, or guest we are often amazed by how awesome Durban actually is. We learn and discover new parts of the city every day we fly and to get to share this with special guests in a private helicopter flight is one of our greatest joys.
We offer a couple of different helicopter tours to share this great city with our guest from above.

Discover Durban

The Discover Durban helicopter tour is aimed at getting a glimpse of the city from above, it is also easy on the pocket and by sharing a Robinson R44 helicopter flight can work out to about R850 per person.

This helicopter tour takes you on a journey of the city from above. We depart from Virginia Airport in Durban, the helicopter pilot will do a short safety briefing to tell you about the various safety and emergency procedures. As the excitement builds you get to the helicopter and take some shots for Instagram, (don't forget to follow and tag us @flight.tours.sa) Engines start up and rotors start spinning, you can here the pilot through the headsets as she gets clearance for take off.

You will fly along the coast to the Durban Harbour then Umhlanga and back. Climbing over the hedges, you catch a site of the pristine Indian ocean. and get to see Durban's beachfront from a birds eye view. Along your route you can expect to see the Umgeni River Mouth, which is often referred to Blue Lagoon, the stunning and iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium and the home of the Sharks rugby team.

Following along, Sun coast Casino, Minitown and some surfers surfing north beach. (see if you can spot sharks... just kidding it is pretty safe to surf here, you will see shark nets though.)You will soon be at Ushaka Marine World and the Moyo Pier. Looking in the distance to Durban's economic heartbeat, the Durban Harbour. one of the largest natural harbours in Africa.

We will fly along the coast to Umhlanga Rocks, and see the upmarket lifestyle of the rich and famous. The Historical Oyster Box Hotel, with an exceptional view of the Umhlanga Lighthouse, and the world renowned Umhlanga Pier. You will also appreciate the size of The Pearls apartments when view theses Sky Scrapers form a helicopter. after a jam packed 15 minutes full of icons, we return back to Virginia Airport.

If it was your lucky day we will have spotted some dolphins, whales and sharks, and you will have some awesome photos to post and share with your fiends and family. Tick off the bucket list and come Discover Durban

Contact our office on +27 71 463 6339 or visit our booking page to reserve your flight today.

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