Helicopter Valley Flight from Karkloof Safari Villas

The award winning 5 star Karkloof Safari Spa is on top of the list for exclusivity. Peacefully Nestled in the Karkloof Valley in the Natal Midlands. It is truly a hidden paradise. Go on an adventure to the Valley of 1000 Hills with a flight along the Scenic Umgeni river.

Adventure into the valley of a 1000 hills in the Natal Midlands from the Award winning Karkloof Safari Spa. Exploring along the Umgeni River and landing on KZN’s very own Table Mountain for amazing views and a glass of champagne. 🚁🇿🇦️

ROUTE: Karkloof Safari Spa - Valley of 1000 Hills - Karkloof Safari Spa
FLIGHT TIME: 1:00 there and back, 45 min champagne landing.

PASSENGERS: 2 - 6 (helicopters used R44, R66, B407)

ACTIVITIES: Depart from the award winning Karkloof Safari Spa to fly along the valley of a 1000 hills, landing on top KZN table mountain for a glass of champagne.
PRICE: From R17850

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