Explore Durban From Karkloof Safari Spa

Fly in a helicopter from the award winning Karkloof Safari Villas and Spa, and have a tour of The Valley of a 1000 Hills and Durban. Fly along the Durban's beaches, explore Umhlanga thereafter returning to Karkloof.

This helicopter tour departs from Karkloof Safari Villas and Spa and travels toward Durban along the valley of a 100 hills. Fly and explore the Durban golden mile from above, the iconic Durban harbour, world famous Moses Mabhida stadium and past Umhlanga and Durban city. This tour really showcases the best Durban has to offer from an exclusive view looking down onto this beautiful city. πŸšπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦οΈ

ROUTE: Karkloof Safari Villas and Spa - Durban - Karkloof Safari Villas and Spa

FLIGHT TIME: 1:30 Flight

PASSENGERS: 2 - 6 (helicopters used R44, R66, B407)

ACTIVITIES: Depart Karkloof Safari Villas, Fly along the Valley of 1000 Hills to Durban, Explore the City of Durban and it blue flag beaches, Umhlanga before thereafter returning back to Karkloof Safari Villas.

PRICE: From R22900

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