What we do

Flight organises specialised helicopter tours for people seeking to do something different and exploring the world from a unique perspective.

What we believe

We believe in freedom and the way we share this freedom is through Flight. Uplifting the spirit offering a special and often once in a lifetime experience.

Our Partners

Our partners are selected based on experience and scale with only the best safety and service records.

We package tours together and arrange with our partners to make your experience seamless and hassle free so that you can focus on sharing the special moment with your family or friends.

How we work

Like everything in aviation, there are events out of our control all flights are subject to helicopter availability, weather, passenger and baggage weight restrictions.

Our Booking platform is operated by pilots and routes are planned by them so that we can give you the most accurate quotes and time slots available.

Booking Process

Book your desired flight and select the number of passengers flying, this will then allow us to pick the right helicopter based on the number of people flying.

Make a reservation and pay via EFT to secure your booking, we will contact you to confirm availability to make further arrangements and give you further details.

All our flights are based out of Virginia Airport in Durban and we will email directions to you or arrange a transfer if required, where one of our representatives will meet you and take you through.

You will arrive at the airport and be requested to sign indemnity forms followed by a passenger briefing by the pilot flying, he or she will describe the safety procedures, the aircraft information and route descriptions. Please pay attention and listen carefully to the pilot since your safety is their number one priority.

You will then go on your tour and have an experience of a lifetime. Remember to take follow us on Instagram @flight.tours.sa and tag us in your photos with the #captureflight

So what are you waiting for

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Book your flight with us today and come experience the freedom and excitement of flying in a helicopter.

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